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Everything you do in business depends on efficiency, precision, and adaptability. Discover our cloud-based platform that seamlessly integrates inventory management, bookkeeping, and gst complaint accounting. Let go of that paperwork to record your stocks and welcome the future of agile and smooth business operations!
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Manage your Inventory easily with Gimbooks 

Create & organize your inventory on the go!

You can effortlessly add item details, assign names, and choose to maintain stock levels, include or exclude GST options all with a single click. Let us help you regain control, save time, and boost your efficiency. Manage multiple units at once. You can create and organise your inventory from anywhere, anytime!
Try GimBooks today and discover how easy inventory management can be!

Calculate your stock value!

Whether it's during purchase or sales, you can easily calculate your stock's worth. What's more, you have the freedom to set prices as you see fit, putting you in control. When dealing with bulk quantities, adding wholesale prices is a snap. No more headaches, just a simplified way to keep your finances in check. With GimBooks, precision and organization are at your fingertips. Say goodbye to inventory chaos and hello to smarter inventory calculation.

Categorizing your stock got easier!!

Our platform lets you effortlessly categorize your products, ensuring everything has its place. Need to find something quickly? No problem. You can filter and sort items by name or quantity, putting you in control. And when it's time to update your stock, you can do it all at once, saving you time and hassle. With GimBooks, say goodbye to the chaos and hello to organized efficiency. Try GimBooks today and experience the ease of better inventory management!

Analyze current inventory insights!

Staying on top of your inventory is important for your business growth. GimBooks simplifies this by offering powerful inventory reports. Gain valuable insights into what's in stock, what's selling, and what needs your attention. Our user-friendly reports put you in control, so you can make informed decisions and streamline your operations.  

Accessing Inventory on the move!

Being a business owner means you're always on the move, and so is your inventory. Whether you're in the office, at a client's site, or even on vacation, your inventory is just a click away. You can even track your inventory from the invoice or a inventory. Try GimBooks today and experience the convenience of on-the-go inventory management. Your business grows more with this level of flexibility.  

Track your Delivery Logs!

Keep tabs on your delivery challans with ease using GimBooks. Our system empowers you to effortlessly track and view the history logs of your delivery challans, ensuring transparency and peace of mind. You can access up-to-date information on the status and history of your delivery challans, and view detailed logs, including creation, updates, and any relevant actions taken with your challans. 

How Gimbooks Inventory can help you!

  • Create inventory on the go.
  • Scan item no, item code track in seconds!
  • Keep a record of stock with an inventory report.
  • Preview, Download and Share across platforms!
  • Track and Share across various platforms!
Manage your inventory in seconds with the GimBooks App!

Why GimBooks Inventory?

With GimBooks inventory you can start maintaining your stock seamlessly!

Easy to create online

With the GimBooks free inventory, you can create simple and easy-to-edit inventory for estimates on web applications and mobile applications.

Download & Share PDF

Now that you have created and customised the professional or free inventory template, you can easily download and share it directly with your client via email, WhatsApp or any platform.

Quick Mobile & Web Access

GimBooks offers an easy-to-access and easy-to-use free inventory manager, which means you share the created PDF for the inventory anytime, anywhere, online, and save yourself from the hassle of printing and delivering it.

Easy to track

Once you have finalised the details on the inventory, you can always track it with the inventory number entered at the upper right-top corner.
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Easily Customisable  

You can add, remove, and edit details for your inventory in our platform within a matter of seconds.

100% Secure

GimBooks website is secured by SSL encryption. Hence, all your business information that you enter in the inventory, stays between us 100%.

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